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Take your team to a whole new level! Sometimes you need to experience something bold and daring to build the confidence and reap the benefits that come from engaging your team on an outdoor adventure. Work with your teammates to navigate a series of physical and mental challenges while developing effective communication skills and support structures. We are equipped to facilitate half, full or multi-day retreats custom tailored for your goals and objectives. We can build programs that utilize a vast network of venues ranging from high rope challenge course / aerial adventure tours, facilitated hikes and rock climbing experiences, to a scenic lodge or retreat center, to a more rustic setting via cabins, yurts or "glamping" tents for overnight / weekend or week long outdoor / experiential education retreats and workshops.  


PEP Skills that are often developed within these programs generally include but are not limited to:

- Trust Building

- Effective Communication

- Positive Relationship Building

- Individual and Group Responsibility

- Individual and Group Support

- Creative Problem Solving

- Shared Leadership

- Group Dynamics 

- Mutual Respect


PEP can deliver a program to meet your needs whether you are looking to enhance your own personal leadership skills, develop a team of 5-10 individuals, your department or entire organization, our custom tailored programs aim to provide the "right size" training for your specific goals. We will work with you to understand your organization, learn about your core values, and hear about your desired outcomes in order to custom build a program that meets your needs. 


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Outdoor / Experiential Education

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