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Navigation / Orienteering Programs 

We believe play and the outdoors are immensely beneficial for your long-term physical and mental health, as well as your positive outlook on life. Awaken the senses and join us outdoors for a Navigation & Orienteering event.


The game is set and you are sent on a mission to solve your way through an established orienteering course. You set off in a direction with limited information to guide you to the first marker. Working in teams you use traditional navigation tools, like maps and a compass. PEP wholeheartedly agrees with this philosophy so we've designed this special program for the adventurer. 

Orienteering is an ancient skill that helped many of the greatest explorers seek out new land in the far reaches of Earth. Get back to your ancient roots and learn skills that will help you navigate your way through life.

Where will you explore? What will you find? Call us today to book an adventure!

PEP is dedicated to helping others become better leaders and mentors at the home, in the organization or in the community at large. We know you will be satisfied, click here to contact us or to book an event!*

*Be sure to book your 2020 event soon, dates and times are still available on a first come first serve basis.

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