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Team Scavenger Hunts

What is a Team Scavenger Hunt?

  • Our team scavenger hunts are a customized in-person group activity in which participants use a downloadable phone app to navigate a designated course. Your teams "course" can be based on any location of your choosing, from a local park, a downtown city area / town or village, to your college campus or specific destination locations!

  • Teams will compete to accomplish a number of challenges made up of specific tasks / activities in order to gain points.

  • Challenges can include custom trivia based on your specific group as well as the use of photo and video submissions showing the groups completion of the task or activity.

  • Our team scavenger hunts can be built as private or public events tailored to your group goals, size and timeframe.

  • We are able to provide scavenger hunts for any number of participants, broken into teams of 2-6 people per team.

  • Locations can be customized to include historic buildings, area businesses and other local venues.

  • Real time in-app feedback incorporating photo and video submissions can be viewed by other teams to increase the level of engagement, excitement and fun!

  • Live event scoring and monitoring: points are earned by completing challenges and are tallied in real time so teams can see who is in the lead and who needs to pick up the pace!

  • Upon completion of the event your group will receive a custom video of the days highlights compiled from team submissions. This video will be provided before the close of the event in some cases and displayed to the entire group during a culminating event at a final destination such as a restaurant, bar or venue of your choosing where they can celebrate, mingle and receive prizes or trophies for certain accomplishments.


Scavenger Hunt Features / Options


  • Customized challenges and organizational branding throughout the course.

  • Dedicated program staff that will design and implement your custom team scavenger hunt experience.

  • Program host(s) that will:

    • Organize event, greet participants, provide direction and answer participant questions.

    • Serve as an emcee at your culminating event to announce winners, awards and other highlights.    


Team Scavenger Hunts are Ideal for:

  • Corporate Team Bonding Events

  • Local Business Promotional Events 

  • College Student Orientations

  • School and Youth Programs

  • Group Outings and Celebrations 

Private Event Pricing

  • Downtown Syracuse Custom Event Packages

    • Approximately 2-4 hours (based on package and specific custom options)

    • Pricing includes up to 15 participants


  • 'Cuse Classic: $1,200

    • Program Planning / Goal Setting

    • Highlight Reel Video Production

    • Tech Support

    • Each additional participant; add $50 per person

  • The Orange Standard: $1,600

    • Includes all of the above 'Cuse Classic elements plus;

      • Event Host for opening and closing ceremonies

      • Real time activity monitoring, scoring and updates

      • Each additional participant; add $70 per person

  • All Inclusive: $2,000

    •  Includes all of the above 'Cuse Classic and Orange Standard elements plus;

      • Custom challenges

      • Custom trivia questions

      • Organizational branding

      • Each additional participant; add $90 per person 

Custom built courses are available upon request and can be tailored to meet the needs of your group as well as operate from a variety of locations based on your groups interests, preferences and budget.  

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