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Our facilitation staff can provide a variety of Virtual Team Building & Development activities and opportunities designed to engage your group members with each other in a way that is both fun and developmental. Using a variety of video conferencing platforms (such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams) we will engage your team in activities designed to provide opportunities to participate virtually and still gain the benefits of both small and large group interaction. 


We use an experiential education model that asks participants to do something / perform a task either as a large or small group. We then process the experience through active reflection on the way in which they performed with prompts from our trained facilitation staff and then apply the information / learning gained to the current objective or a new one as well as to the larger organization and their own personal lives.

Our design team will create a custom program focused on the needs, goals, interests and parameters (time commitment, number of participants, budget) that best suits your organizational objectives.

Both our Virtual and In-Person program types feature and highlight a variety of topics relating to team work and organizational development between colleagues, classmates or team members. Our activities generally feature and highlight a variety of topics relating to team work and organizational development including but not limited to;

- Establishing and sustaining Respect and Trust between group members

- Creating or enhancing a sense of Community within the group

- Practicing and engaging with others in effective and descriptive Communication

- Strengthen and build deeper and more meaningful personal Relationships 

- Creating group norms and expectations in order to establish Consensus

- Gain insight into individual or group Comfort Zones

Program & Workshop Styles / Clientele Served

  • Conferences, Retreats and Partial, Full or Multi-Day Workshop Options 

  • Professional / Organizational Development

  • Higher Education / Leadership Education

  • Corporate and Business Applications

  • Youth and School Based Groups

  • Community / Recreation Based

  • Sport Teams

All programs are custom built to reflect the needs of the group and include a free consultation prior to booking in order to assess the groups goals and establish a basic framework for the program design. We create meaningful, fun and developmental team building programs!  

Virtual Team Building

& Development Options

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